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Red Beans and Rice, Cooking with Essential Oils

Last year, I hunted for the first time in 11 years and nailed a beautiful 9-point whitetail deer!We had my “break” (I only went hunting that day to get a BREAK from my kids) buck ground into sausage, and the meat processor was HEAVY HANDED with the red pepper flakes.I mean it is H-O-T!!!!!SO hot that we cannot eat it alone, IT HAS to be put in something.I thought red beans and rice would be a perfect dish to tone down the spice!

To make things even EASIER, I used dried onion flakes, boxed vegetable broth, garlic pepper, and celery salt!Most RB & R recipes call for chopped green bell pepper, but my kids are not fans of it.They LOVE celery!I definitely didn’t want to leave that flavor out.It was so nice not having to wash, dice, and sauté any veggies!

I like to soak my beans overnight.I come out with better results as far as the texture of the beans, but soaking overnight is not mandatory with an electric pressure cooker.You can do what is called a “quick soak”.

I tried a new spic…

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