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You Ain't Getting Me Down

I don't know where you are in the world, but it's raining cats and dogs here.  I've got 2 kids under 5, a 6 month old puppy, and a husband inside our 39' fifth wheel today.  😑  I take the kids outside a lot during the day so they do not drive me up the walls.  Rainy days like this one makes me want to find the nearest fast food restaurant with an indoor play area! 
But I decided to blog…
For those of you that do not know, I had weight loss surgery 2 years ago almost to the date.  I have lost 108 pounds.  It has been a wonderful and LIFE CHANGING journey.  I would do it over again IN AN INSTANT.  It was a true blessing to be able to have the surgery done.  I remember how my "old self" felt like a happy, vibrant person until I looked in the mirror.  How some people were always "concerned" about my weight but would make mean comments.  The endless attempts of weight loss with no avail.  I even doubted the surgery.  I hated the internal battle that I …

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